How To Buy Designer Watches At Black Friday

The type of strap on the ladies designer watches is quite diverse. The watch cannot be separated from a variety of straps, because the strap serves to tie the body of the watch to the wrist. Strap also functions for fashion and appearance. The strap on the watch also has many sizes, depending on the size of the lug from the watch itself. This time this blog will discuss the various types of strap commonly worn on watches.

Bracelet Strap

Bracelet strap is one type of strap that wears metal material, usually this strap wears stainless steel. The types also vary, from oyster bracelets, H-link bracelets, super engineer bracelets to jubile bracelets. This classification of bracelets is based on the number and model of links from the bracelet strap itself. Bracelet strap also has used link, which is the last link that connects to the body of the watch, there are two types of links, namely solid end link which is a solid link, and non solid endlink in the form of slab links that are bent in mens designer watches.

Leather Strap

Leather strap cannot be separated from the mens designer watches. Leather or leather material is a material that is quite comfortable to wear and quite durable. There are also many types of leather strap from crocodile skin, snake skin etc. Leather strap that is good for watches is generally judged by the thickness, level of tenderness and elasticity of the leather itself. The thicker and elastic leather strap, the more comfortable to wear. Many leather strap itself is made by homade or boutique. The boutique leather strap highlights the manufacturing process and accentuates the colors of vintage leather that are naturally obtained in the manufacturing process.

Nylon Strap
Nylon strap is a strap made from nylon. This type of strap is very comfortable to wear and strong mens designer watches, because it is made from nylon fiber yarn that is quite hard. The famous Nylon strap is a type of nato strap, which is very practical in its installation, and can be easily removed to change the color type. Nylon strap is also synonymous with military watches. Because the durability is pretty good, so many soldiers wear nylon strap for their watches.

Rubber Strap

Rubber strap is a type of strap that wears rubber (a mixture of plastic and rubber). Usually a rubber strap is identical to a sporty watch or diver's watch.

Because it is waterproof, so the rubber strap is quite practical to wear. When exposed to water, water will not seep into the strap, so it will be safely worn in water. Rubber strap is also made with various colors. Quality rubber strap, can be assessed from the level of elasticity and tenderness. Usually a good rubber strap is also not easy to brittle and break in mens designer watches. That’s all the things you need to a little about watch and you don’t have to worry when you got all of the considerations including in choosing the strap you want.